A Century-Old Family Tradition

The Taralinga olive oil heritage started with my Nonno Salvatore (Turri) Tarascio circa 1930. Nonno Turri was a genuine entrepreneur in our little home town of Vizzini, in Sicily. He developed the salt processing mill, which gave the family our nickname in the town as U’ Salaro (the salt man). He also ran the gypsum works, the open air cinema – and of course the oil press for the town.

The town’s farmers would bring their crop of olives to Turri for pressing. They would then take their oil and pay for the pressing with a share of the oil that Turri had pressed for them. Turri was an authority on oil quality and strived to process a special oil with each pressing.

Salvatore (Sam) and Christine Tarascio at Taralinga hope to follow his vision of excellence by processing oil to the highest quality with a state-of-the-art Pieralisi two phased oil processing plant for their Mornington Peninsula and other Victorian grower clients. Our Taralinga Estate oil, grown and processed on the Mornington Peninsula, is our premium label. Oil connoisseurs will enjoy our quality first press extra virgin olive oil.